1. Design of articles

Articles submitted to the journal «Bulletin of Bokhtar State University named after Nosiri Khusrav» must meet the following requirements:

The editorial board of the journal accepts articles typed in the WinWord text editor. The article is offered both in paper form and in electronic form. Figures, tables, graphs, diagrams should be offered additionally in the form of a separate file:

  • the first line of the article indicates the UDC number;
  • in the second line the title of the article is given in capital letters, for example «PHISICO-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES AND FULLERENE STRUCTURE С60»;
  • the third line contains the last name, first name and patronymic of the author, place of work of the author of the article;
  • then the main text is placed;
  • at the end of the text there is a list of sources used under the heading «REFERENCES» (not in alphabetical order), but in accordance with their placement in the text;
  • after the list of references, there is a summary of the article (abstract) in Tajik, Russian and English. The volume of the annotation must be at least 1.5 printed pages. Key words (5-10 words) are suggested for each annotation.

The text of the article is typed in Times New Roman:

  • letter size – 14 pt;
  • line spacing – 1.5 cm;
  • top edge – 2.0 cm; left side – 3.0 cm; right side – 1.5 cm; bottom edge – 2.0 cmм.

Links to the sources used are given after the quotation in square brackets with the ordinal number of the citation source, and the page, for example [1, p. 12].